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Creative support for dynamic growing companies

Website design services

Refresh your website’s look without needing to buy a new WordPress theme. We’ll update colours, imagery, buttons, and create custom icons, diagrams, and illustrations.

Need a complete redesign? No problem. We’ll design a new website from scratch.

Website development

Support your design ideas with professional website development. 

We specialize in WordPress, work with Joomla, Django, and many other platforms.

Add personality and new functionality to your website. 

We can customize a generic WordPress theme, create sophisticated sliders, forms, and interactivity.

Keep your customer well-informed.

We’ll take a load off so you can focus on running your business, by helping with website updates, posting news, adding event pages, and forms.

Social media and email marketing support

Increase your brand awareness with a social media presence.

Keeping brand consistency across different marketing channels can be very challenging. It’s not only about logos and colours anymore. We’ll help you design social media campaigns that carry your brand message and reflect your voice and relationship with your audience.

Connect with your audience to promote your brand and boost sales.

Email marketing is the most effective way to increase your leads to improve sales. While many email marketing platforms offer generic email templates, we can personalize your emails to create unique interaction with your audience and promote your brand. We specialize in Marketo, Mailchimp, and can work with other platforms.

Graphic design for print and digital publishing

Engage your audience with interactive online publications.

The current design landscape has moved far beyond printed media, as more and more companies switch to online interaction with their customers. We can help you design beautiful, interactive, and responsive brochures or ebooks, and graphics to support your online event—whether it’s a webinar, conference, or trade fair.

What else we can do:

Brochures & ebooks
PowerPoint presentations
Exhibition displays & banners
Annual reports
Product catalogues
Logo & stationery


Graphics EZ is a group of freelance professionals based in Toronto. We’ve been serving local and international companies since 2002. With our combined skills and experience, we help businesses and their marketing teams develop new websites, update and manage current websites, improve their look, and create visual communication products to promote and advertise a brand.